Vaqua Wet Abrasive Blasting Machines

By Dana-Ridge

The advantages of VAQUA Processing are:

  • Complete control of blast processing. Mild to aggressive, sateen to matte finish, and everything in between,
  • Versatility - A wide range of finishes with one size and type of media. Although a variety of different media types can be used in the machine (Glass Bead, Aluminum Oxide, Plastic, Sodium Bicarbonate and others) to suit the particular processing application,
  • Simultaneous removal of oil, grease, burnt on carbon, paint, scale, soil material or surface contaminant,
  • Environmentally friendly - No toxic or harmful chemicals used and no atmospheric pollution generated,
  • Complete elimination of dust, does not need `dry' air,
  • No component erosion or impregnation - critical measurements maintained,
  • Excellent economics - lower media consumption, low maintenance costs, low power consumption Vs speed of processing