IPC Sweepers: 512ET Pedestrian Sweeper Series

By Clark Equipment


Part No. Model MSUT00575 512ET
Power supply Battery 12V
Sweep width with side brush 700 mm.
Sweep width with main brush only 500 mm.
Hopper capacity 50 lt.
Filter surface 2m²
Maximum speed 5 km/h
Weight (empty) 82 kg
Dimensions 1225x753x903 mm

Standard Equipment
• Main and side brush
• Main brush pressure adjustment

• Huge hopper capacity
• Extensive filtering surface
• Extensive running time
• Main brush pressure adjustment
• Dust flap for large debris collection
• Easy to use control panel
• Great visibility whilst working
• Designed to assure minimum noise levels
• Battery level indicator
• Dust filter replacement without tools
• Easy to access motor compartment
• Heavy duty chassis, fully coated steel.
• Maximum protection against impact
• Panel control switches protected against water
and humidity
• Made in Italy

Main broom, mixed PPL/steel SPPV76061
Side brush, mixed PPL/steel SPPV76056
Filter in polyester FTDP87188