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Sat Jun 15 2019

IPC Sweepers: 510 Manual Sweeper Series

By Clark Equipment


Part No. Model MSUT00499 510M
Power supply  Manual
Sweep width with side brush 670 mm.
Sweep width with main brush only 490 mm.
Hopper capacity 24 lt.
Weight (empty) 24 kg
Dimensions 1300x920x920 mm

Standard Equipment
• Main and side medium brush
• Main brush pressure adjustment

• Huge hopper capacity
• Large sweeping path
• Main brush pressure adjustment
• Brush replacement without tools.
• Great maneuverability thanks to an optimum weight distribution
• Great visibility whilst working
• Easy to transport
• Adjustable handle bar
• Heavy duty chassis, fully coated steel.
• Made in Italy

Main broom, hard SPPV00005
Side brush, hard SPPV75789