IPC Sweepers: 191 Diesel Large Ride on Sweeper Series

By Clark Equipment


Part No. Model MSUB00545 161L
Power supply 31HP Daihatsu Vanguard
Fuel Supply LPG
Sweep width with 1 side brush 1300 mm.
Sweep width with main brush only 1000 mm.
Hopper capacity 350 lt.
Filter surface 8m²
Hopper Dump height 1400 mm
Climbable grade 20%
Maximum speed 10 km/h
Weight (empty) 850 kg
Dimensions 2040x1330x1430 mm

Standard Equipment
• 360º Warning beacon
• Operators lights
• Hydraulic power steering
• Polyester filter (rot proof)
• Engine air pre-filter system

Service Parts
Main brush SPPV01208
Side brush SPPV01211
Filter FTDP00191

Main broom, soft SPPV01207
Main broom, hard PPL/Steel SPPV01209
Side brush, soft SPPV01210
Left hand side brush KTRI01655
Side brush dust cover KTRI01657
Open cabin KTRI01786
Fully enclosed cabin KTRI01788

• Large sweeping path
• Flap device to compress hopper debris
• Extensive filtering surface
• Maximum sweeping results on fine dust
• SLS (Self Leveling system) automatic brush pressure control
• Dust flap for large debris collection
• Rot-proof polyester dust filter
• Effective filter shaking system
• Hydraulic power steering
• Designed to assure minimum noise levels
• Designed for maximum comfort
• Easy to use control panel
• Closed hydraulic circuits on both traction and sweeping systems
• Special enlarged easy to clean radiators
• Maximum engine air inlet protection
• Easy access to motor compartment
• Heavy duty chassis in fully coated steel
• Maximum protection against impact
• Debris flap in stainless steel
• Panel control switches protected against water and humidity
• Made in Italy