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Sat Jun 15 2019

IPC Sweepers: 1050E Ride on Battery Sweeper Series

By Clark Equipment


Part No. Model MSUB00071 1050E
Power supply 24V, 225Ah (20hr)
Fuel Supply Battery
Sweep width with 2 side brushes 1100 mm.
Sweep width with main brush only 650 mm.
Hopper capacity 70 lt.
Filter surface 4m²
Hopper Dump height Manual low dump
Climbable grade 16%
Weight (empty) 174 kg
Dimensions 1400x816x1142 mm

Standard Equipment
• 360º Warning beacon
• Dual side brushes (adjustable RPM)
• Micro dust filtration system

Service Parts
Main brush SPPV00056 $ 354.93
Side brush SPPV75790 $ 194.80
Filter FTDP00010 $ 250.08

Main broom, soft SPPV00063
Main broom, PPL/Steel SPPV00064
Side brush, PPL/Steel SPPV75794
Filter in polyester (washable) FTDP00015

• Huge hopper capacity
• Large sweeping path
• Extensive filtering surface
• Pre-programmed working settings
• Adjustable side brush rpm
• SLS (Self Levelling system) Automatic brush pressure control
• Main brush special “V” shape design
• Dust flap for large debris collection
• Dust micro filtration
• Great maneuverability thanks to an optimum weight distribution
• Great visibility whilst working
• Designed to assure minimum noise levels
• Designed for maximum comfort
• Easy to use control panel
• Automatic stop (by command release) in working mode
• Hand assisted low dump discharge system
• Battery level indicator
• Self cleaning filter system
• Automatic main brush lift in reverse
• Main brush replacement without tools
• Dust filter replacement without tools
• Easy access to motor compartment
• Heavy duty chassis in fully coated steel
• Maximum protection against impact
• Panel control switches protected against water and humidity
• Made in Italy