IPC Scrubbers: CT 70 Scrubber Drier Series

By Clark Equipment


Part No.
Power supply 24V
Scrub width 600 mm.
Squeegee width 815 mm.
Capacity; solution 70 lt.
Capacity; recovery 75 lt.
Brushes 2; disk
Brush motor  2 X 300W
Vacuum motor 480W-2 stg
 Traction system 180w Fwd/Rev
 Productivity 2700 m2/hr
Sound level 67 dB(A)
Weight 88 kgs.

Standard Equipment
• Batteries 2 x 12V
• Charger – standard 24V 15A
• Brushes – nylon (2)

• Simple operator controls
• Change squeegee blades without tools.
• Easy to maneuver with water weight balanced over wheels
• Self Leveling System (SLS) allows the brush to adapt to irregular surfaces.
• Solenoid operated solution flow.
• Anti foam system to protect vacuum motor.
• Brush replacement without tools.
• External charger socket
• Oil bath gearbox brush motors.
• Made in Italy

Service Parts
Squeegee blade front MPVR45194
Squeegee blade rear MPVR45195
Brush – nylon (std) 70cm SPPV00428 (2)

Soft brush 70cm SPPV00429 (2)
Tynex brush 70cm SPPV00430 (2)
Pad driver 70cm SPPV00431 (2)
On-board battery charger, 20A BACA00084

Recommended uses
• Contractors
• Hospitals
• Aged Care
• Factories
• Warehouses