IPC Scrubbers: CT 160 Ride on Scrubber Drier Series

By Clark Equipment


Part No.
Power supply 36V, 6 x 6V 36V, 6 x 6V 36V, 6 x 6V
Scrub width 830 mm.(33”) 920 mm.(36”) 750 mm.(30”)
Squeegee width 1010 mm. 1100 mm. 1010 mm.
Capacity; solution 145 lt. 145 lt. 145 lt.
Capacity; recovery 170 lt. 170 lt. 170 lt.
Brushes 2; disk 2; disk 2; roller
Brush motor 2 X 500W 2 X 500W 2 X 800W
Vacuum motor  650W 650W 650W
Traction motor 300W. 560W. 560W.560W.
Productivity 5400 m2/hr. 6000m2/hr 4900 m2/hr
Weight  353 kgs. 353 kgs. 353 kgs.

Standard Equipment

• 6 x 6V Batteries
• 36V 25A Charger
• Brushes
• Pad drivers (Not on roller model)
• 15 lt. hopper on roller model
• Reverse alarm
• 360° strobe beacon

• Easy to operate with 3 preprogrammed automatic cleaning settings.
• Highly maneuverable; Small footprint allows tight turns.
• Self Leveling System (SLS) allows the brush to adapt to irregular surfaces.
• Solenoid operated solution flow.
• Squeegee lift in reverse to protect blades
• Squeegee blades replacement without tools
• Anti foam system to protect vacuum motor
• Brush replacement without tools (disc models).
• Large drain hose to empty recovery tank faster.
• Large tank cap to easily hose out recovery tank.
• Made in Italy

Service Parts
Squeegee blade front MPVR02830
Squeegee blade rear MPVR02831
Brush – nylon (std) 85cm SPPV00435
95cm SPPV43964
75R SPPV00457
Pad holder (std) 85cm SPPV00438
95cm SPPV08012

Brush - soft polishing 85 cm SPPV00436
95cm SPPV45732
75R SPPV01200
Tynex brush 85cm SPPV00437
95cm SPPV45733
75R SPPV01201

Recommended uses
• Airports
• Hospitals
• Large supermarkets
• Shopping Malls
• Factories (roller model)
• Warehouses (roller model)