Karcher HDS 13/20-4 S Hot Water Pressure Cleaner


In 2013, Karcher officially launched the new "Anthracite" range of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. This was a welcome defining point for end users as it drew a very clear line between popular domestic cleaning machines and far more robust machines designed for professional applications.

The Karcher Home & Garden range remains yellow.

With the Anthracite launch, several new machines were also introduced.
Among them was the top of the range, Karcher HDS 13/20-4 S: a portable, three phase industrial, hot water, high pressure cleaner.
Unlike similar hot water pressure cleaners there is no need to add a turbo nozzle to achieve a workable "EWP” or “effective working pressure". By design, the HDS 13/20-4 S has a genuine high working pressure of 200 BAR with a high water flow rate of 1300 litres per hour to match. By eliminating the need to continually replace wearing turbo nozzles, operating costs are reduced.

A major consideration in the development of the new range of pressure cleaners was the need to make them more environmentally responsible. Karcher achieved this goal by the implementation of the ECO mode.
ECO mode is an easily selected override setting that automatically adjusts the output water temperature and fuel consumption for the most cost-effective high pressure cleaning. As well, the detergent injection, water hardness, turbo fan and high pressure pump were all re-engineered for higher efficiency.
And if something goes wrong, an LED display allows rapid troubleshooting. In many occasions problems can be solved over the phone, saving a call-out and service fee.

Power: 415 Volt, 20 AMP, 1400 RPM Slow 4 Pole
Power Rating: 9.3 kW
Pump Construction: Axial Type Pump, Brass Head, Ceramic Coated Pistons
Operating Pressure: Adjustable from 30 to 200 BAR
Flow Rate: Adjustable from 650 to 1300 litres/hour
Maximum Permissible Inlet Water Temperature: 30°C
Output Temperature This machine delivers, diesel heated water, @ 80°C, steam @ 150°C, Can also run Hot or Cold, Steam Capable
Heating Diesel Economy 8.3 kg/hour running at full load | 25 litre fuel tank
Detergent Dual Integrated Containers, High Pressure Application
Hose Length 10 metre
Hose Diameter ID8
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1330 x 750 x 1060
Included Accessories 10 metre high pressure hose, Softgrip trigger gun with built in swivel, 1050mm stainless steel lance, Karcher patented power nozzle, ServoControl, LED readout, dry run protection