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Sat Aug 17 2019

Tennant Sentinel | Heavy Duty Ride-on Sweeper

By Tennant Australia

Delivering reliable, high quality performance, the Sentinel heavy duty outdoor sweeper offers superior dust control and sweeping capability in the harshest, most demanding environments. The Sentinel collects all types of debris from dust through to rocks and litter capturing dust particles as small as 3 microns. The Sentinel features a patented centre-point suspension main brush that ensures all debris is collected even on uneven surfaces. All machine brushes are fitted with dry dust control skirts to keep dust from spreading outside the path of the machine.

  • The Sentinel is an extremely high capacity machine with a large 2,600L/3,175kg hopper, well suited to the vast outdoor spaces in mining and large industrial facilities
  • Equipped with hydraulically powered twin vacuum fans to control all of the dust that comes into the path of the machine
  • The Sentinel can be used in all weather conditions and is available with a wet dust control system

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