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Thu Jan 17 2019

Tennant 6200 | Compact Battery Ride-on Sweeper

By Tennant Australia

The Tennant 6200 compact, ride-on sweeper offers exceptional performance with efficient, one-pass sweeping and two-stage dust control. The 6200 is equipped with a multi-level dump hopper eliminating the need for operators to handle debris. The 6200 also features Tennant’s Thermo-Sentry™ temperature sensor which monitors the hopper for dangerously high temperatures and shuts down the vacuum to avoid damage. 

  • Brushes automatically adjust to bristle length with the Auto Adjust™ sweeping system
  • Protect the machine and your facility with rear bumper and soft corner rollers
  • The hopper can be emptied directly into containers up to 1.37m high

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