Tennant T20 | Ride-on Scrubber

By Tennant Australia

The T20 is a highly versatile machine ideal for large scale manufacturing and distribution centres.  The T20 has an aggressive scrubbing system to deliver outstanding results regardless of floor surface changes. The T20 is powered by an advanced hydraulic system which provides consistent power to the brush drive motors for superior cleaning results and reduced maintenance costs. 

Available in a cleaning path of up to 1,370mm, with one of four different scrubbing systems, powered by petrol, diesel or LPG, the T20 scrubber can be configured to fit most facility needs.

  • 3 down pressure settings up to 181kg, removes all soil types easily
  • A large 31L debris tray holds up to 50kg of debris eliminating the need to pre-sweep 
  • Available with ec-H2O™ and FaST™ technologies to reduce chemical and water usage

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