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Tue Jun 25 2019

Silent Vacuum Cleaner

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Silent Vacuum Cleaner

Truly, quiet, genuine heavy-duty, wet & dry vacuum cleaners for every factory or workshop environment.

Approved for hazardous locations, these super efficient units run on factory air, with no moving parts or filter bags to bind. The filters, have a 10 micron particulate size.

Dollar for dollar, the best vacuum cleaner money can buy!

The extremely efficient silencer keeps noise down to 58dB. Water, oil, muck, grain, gravel, metal chips, dust, or other spills are no problem at all.

The models MSC6050 & 20050 are fitted with dual venturi pumps. All sizes are also available with approved filters, that have a 0.2 micron particulate size, for safe asbestos removal.