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Wed Jun 26 2019

Roboblast KG50

By Dry Ice Tech Australia

The RoboBlast from IceTech A/S enables dry ice blasting equipment to be connected to automatic robotic systems due to the great operational reliability.

IceTech technicians have great experience in adapting and optimizing special requests from customers, and the IceTech RoboBlast has been tested and approved which is now evident in the machine's efficiency and operational reliability.

A number of RoboBlast machines are already operating 24-hours per day at car production facilities, and the IceTech A/S unique low-pulse and low-flow equipment makes it possible to reach very high cleaning speeds while maintaining a very low consumption of air and dry ice.

The RoboBlast machine is delivered with a number of process monitoring functions which continuously control that the blasting process works perfectly. The RoboBlast is also prepared for direct coupling to a robotic control, integrating the machine as a complete unit of an automatic product line.