Industrial Vacuum - Three Phase - Wet & Dry - 3907

By Nilfisk

Nilfisk Three Phase Wet & Dry 3907


The Nilfisk Three Phase Wet & Dry 3907 offers high performance while still being extremely manoeuverable and versatile. It is designed for heavy duty use and constant service.

The suction unit is run by an electric board with a star-delta-star starting, housed in the rear casing. The power is supplied by a 9 m 4 core cable. In the upper part of the rear casing the on/off switches are located within the control panel as well as a timer and a manometer to enable a visual control of the filter condition.

An external manual filter shaker enables easy, hygienic and efficient filter cleaning. The exclusive star-shaped, polyester filter allows effective filtration. For absolute filtration, a HEPA filter is available. The 175L steel waste bin is fitted with castors and is easily removable.

The body of the machine is made of heavy duty tubular steel and painted with epoxy powder, to ensure robustness and a longer lifetime. The stability of the machine is ensured by the position of the suction unit, placed at the bottom of the rear casing. Its manoeuvrability and ease of use is possible thanks to two fixed wheels and two swivel ones, all with a diameter of 200 mm. and assembled with bearings.