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Wed Jun 19 2019

Combi 75

By Dry Ice Tech Australia

Complete, Automated Machine for Dry Ice Production and Dry Ice Blasting

The IceTech COMBI 75 and its accessories have been developed with the intention of manufacturing an automated cleaning system which both meets the requirements especially of industrial companies for a continuous cleaning process, and minimizes consequential costs of machine / plant cleaning and maintenance.

The IceTech COMBI 75 combines dry ice pellet production and dry ice blasting. Therefore high-density dry ice pellets will always be available on site in the exact quantity required.

Several Functions In One Machine

The IceTech COMBI 75 combines several units and functions:

  • A pelletizer unit
  • A dry ice blasting unit
  • Optional distribution system to facilitate the connection of several blasting guns
  • Optional integration in plant control units and automation processes

The IceTech COMBI 75 continuously produces dry ice pellets directly into  the pellet tank of the dry ice blasting unit.

From there the dry ice pellets are transported through a distribution system to one or more blasting guns or robots.