75-600kW SDA Series Chillers (Summit Door Access)

Air Cooled chillers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and process applications.

75-140 kW (Base Model) or

305 kW (One of many flexible configurations)

Main Features

  • Eliminate cranage costs as modules fit through standard doorways and elevators
  • Designed for mounting either within plant rooms or outdoors
  • Can be wheeled, forked, or craned into place
  • World best COP in either reciprocating or screw compressors
  • Designed in Australia for Australian HOT or COLD conditions
  • Genuine shell and tube evaporator from ISO 9001 TUV certified European manufacturer

The newest release from water chiller manufacturer Summit Matsu Chilling Systems takes the design and manufacturing expertise used on process applications at companies like Alcan, Alcatel, ANSTO, BHP Billiton, and Boral, to develop a modular chiller series suited for either air conditioning or process applications.

Genuine steel and copper shell and tube heat exchangers are sourced from an ISO 9001 and TUV certified manufacturer which supplies to some of the largest chiller manufacturers in the world.

Units are available as 75kW, 95kW, 125kW, 140kW sizes with flexibility to connect multiple units for larger chiller applications. Each unit is an independent refrigeration and water circuit and can operate independently or PLC linked. Remote operation, link to BMS, high ambient temperature and pump and tank options are all available.