Dolphin Checkweigher

By A&D Weighing

A range of inline checkweighers designed to integrate seamlessly with existing factory conveyors and to check the weight accuracy of products as they are in motion.

The Dolphin Checkweigher features high and low capacity models, the range is manufactured in Australia and can be customised to suit different applications. All models are manufactured from stainless steel to suit the requirements of HACCP and are suitable for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The LC models can check weigh products up to a capacity of 3,000 g and depending on the item to be weighed have a maximum speed of 250 pieces per minute. The HC models can weigh to 100 kg and depending on the item to be weighed have a maximum speed of 100 pieces. Weight classification of up to 7 zones can be stored for 200 products and when utilised with A&D Mercury’s ‘Multi-weigher’ software, management data including product totals, number of rejects and total weight is available.

The open tubular frame minimises surface areas for dust and debris to accumulate and facilitates easy cleaning of the check weigher. The quick removal of conveyors allows for a simple ease of access and maintenance.

Dolphin rejection methods for out of tolerance products include flipper pneumatic reject; air blast and drop pneumatic rejection systems. Metal detection and scoreboard style remote displays are also available