ADM 4820-HC Dolphin Checkweigher

By A&D Weighing

Features of ADM 4820-HC Dolphin Checkweigher:

  • Heavy Capacity up to 60000g
  • High Speed - Maximum 60p/m
  • Colour STN 5.7 (IP65) Waterproof Touch Panel
  • Advanced remote Ethernet data management
  • Customisable Multi-Lane Checkweighing
  • Compact Stainless Steel design
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Designed to meet the requirements of HACCP
  • Weight classification up to 7 Zones and Alarms
  • Customisable operator display
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia
  • Standard Version - 100 Products
  • Intelligent Version - 200 Products

Applications of ADM 4820-HC Dolphin Checkweigher:

  • Industries: Chemical, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Pharmaceuticals, Poultry etc.
  • Products: Bottles, Boxes, Cans, Pouches, Satchels, Tray, Tubes etc.