Full Recovery Systems

By Protoblast Company
  • Full Recovery Systems

For most blast chambers the Protoblast full recovery system is the best solution to the question of abrasive recovery.

In this system the entire floor area of the blast chamber forms the recovery area.

No sweeping up of the used abrasive is necessary as all the abrasive is recovered immediately.

The floor of a blast chamber with full recovery is covered by panels of heavy-duty forge-bar grating. These allow used abrasive to fall into hoppers feeding the oscillating conveyor trays.

The system is usually installed in a pit, as shown below, with the rails at the ground level for easy work handling. This allows easy access to the conveyor for maintenance.

When the pit depth needs to be kept to a minimum the system can be supplied with two or more oscillating conveyor trays across the width of the blast chamber. Pits less than 450mm deep are possible, while still keeping a strong rail structure.