Industrial Metal Casting - Sand Casting; Die Casting

By China Manufacturing (Australia)

China Manufacturing, a division of Ritz Global, is one of the leading Chinese contract manufacturers offering quality product manufacturing in China.

We focus on efficient industrial manufacturing, particularly industrial Metal Casting. A range of metal casting including –

Aluminum Casting, Zinc Casting, Copper/ Brass and Bronze Casting, Stainless Steel Casting, Iron Alloys Casting, Cast Iron Casting, Lead Casting, Magnesium Casting, Nickel Casting,  

Our major casting processes include:

Sand Casting, Shell Moulding, Investment Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Die Casting

China Manufacturing (Australia) is dedicated in delivering you superior Quality. Our products are maintained at high dimensional accuracy, consistency and good surface finish. China Manufacturing (Australia) is one of the first China contract manufacturing companies in Australia to introduce a 'Peace of Mind Guarantee'. We guarantee if the products we provide do not meet the prototype standards we developed for you; we will provide a FREE replacement of ALL the bad or defective parts.

Each manufacturing project is well monitored and managed, our people will effectively communicate with businesses in both Australia and China to fix up any problems and concerns with a zero-day delay. Our strategic contract manufacturing solutions help distributors and manufacturers reduce spending costs, improve quality and improve manufacturing techniques.