New Monoblock for Erecting and Closing Bag-in-Box Cases


Mondo & Scaglione, of Canelli Italy, an established global supplier of 'End of Line' or 'Dry Line' machinery components to the Wine Industry, have recently released a monoblock for erecting and closing bag-in-box cases, typically used for wine casks.

The machine has been designed to enable the erection of a BAG-IN-BOX case, which has short lower flaps, then for the box to be filled and finally closed with hot melt glue. The machine can handle 2 and 3L BAG-IN-BOX cases at a rate of 20/min, and 5 and 10 litre cases at 13/min.

The case magazine is adjustable to cater for different sizes with a pitch to pitch case advancement, electro-pneumatically controlled according to the case thickness. The magazine contains two rows for cases for the 2 and 3L cases and a row of cases for the 5 and 10L cases.
The machine is equipped with a double motorised conveyor, a system to keep the case compressed inside the magazine.
Mondo and Scaglione's complete range of wine bottle packaging machinery includes depalletisers, packing monoblocs, case erectors, division inserters, case sealers and palletisers.
Mondo and Scaglione partner in Oceania with HBM Packaging Technologies.