MDX-540 Milling Machine

By Roland DG Australia Pty Ltd

Anyway you look at it - the MDX-540 SRP System is a winner. It's one of the fastest and most accurate RP systems on the market. And its price tag is less than half most additive systems.
The desktop device comes complete with powerful CAM software, making it easy to quickly produce everything from functional and snap-fit prototypes to light metal molds and custom jewellery.
SRP technology:       
- Creates the most accurate prototypes for complex snap-fits
- Creates prototypes for functional testing and proves part manufacturability
- Handles a wide variety of materials and generates a smooth surface finish
- 400W DC Brushless motor with increased torque for fast, accurate prototypes      
- Bundled, user-friendly CAM Software      
- Handheld controller and virtual control panel make set up fast and easy      
- Specialty MDX-540S and MDX-540SA models available for enhanced precision and repeat accuracy      
- Optional 4th rotary axis and automatic tool changer      
- Maximum 500 mm (X) x 400 mm (Y) x 155 mm (Z) (19.6 (X) x 15.7 (Y) x 6.1 (Z) in.) XYZ-Axis Travel
1. SRP Technology
SRP (Subtractive Rapid Prototyping) - starting with a solid object and removing unwanted material - has several advantages over traditional additive rapid prototyping. SRP devices cost significantly less while producing prototypes out of a wider variety of non-proprietary materials with greater precision and better surface finish.
2. Functional Prototypes
Powered by a 400W spindle, the MDX-540 mills a wide variety of non-proprietary materials and popular engineered plastics such as ABS, Delrin, and nylon. Compared to additive RP systems, the desktop device produces functional prototypes that are better for structural, thermal, and electrical testing. Plus, MDX-540 parts meet a host of FDA and other government regulations.
The MDX-540 functional prototypes actually work. Handled by market focus groups, these prototypes must perform like the final manufactured product and survive a barrage of physical tests, including thermal and structural trials. For example, toothbrush prototypes undergo in-vivo testing for hand fit, brush reach and handle deflection. The MDX-540 can also mill non-ferrous prototypes and molds made of aluminium, brass and copper. This lets design engineers create metal molds for rapid injection molding and EDM electrodes for production tooling.
3. Bundled Software
Bundled SRP Player CAM software automates the prototyping process and generates tool paths with high speed and precision. The user-friendly, wizard-based program offers uniform 3D scaling, support for 4-axis milling, and simulation of finished 3D parts. It lets engineers quickly review the simulated prototype on the 
monitor and send it to the MDX-540 for production. The end result is faster prototype production, tighter dimensional accuracies and a silky smooth surface finish.
4. Rotary Axis (Optional)
With the optional rotary axis, the MDX-540 produces parts with even greater speed and accuracy. When one side is completed, the part is automatically rotated until all four sides have been milled. This saves engineers the time and reduces errors associated with rotating objects by hand.
5. Automatic Tool Changer (Optional)
The Roland Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) further reduces the time and cost associated with product development. From roughing to finishing, this optional accessory enables the MDX-540 to mill prototypes completely unattended. It automatically changes up to four preset tools of different sizes. The ATC comes 
with an air-activated, high-precision spindle.
6. High Precision
The MDX-540's hi-precision spindle decreases vibration within the unit and produces extremely accurate models, ideal for complex snap-fits. With ISO15448 standard collets, the MDX-540 also generates a smooth surface finish that requires little to no post finishing work.
7. Speedy Production
Roland SRP devices can mill parts in an average time of  just over four hours. According to Todd Grimm's independent study of RP systems, the SRP process saves time by producing parts that are smooth and precise right off the machine. Additive systems, on the other hand, typically require time-consuming post finishing processes.
8. Office Ready
The MDX-540's emergency stop switch enables you to shut down the machine at the push of a button, making it safe to operate in any office environment. An optional safety cover makes the cutting mechanism inaccessible during operation and reduces dust in the surrounding environment. The MDX-540 is also compact 
enough to fit though standard-sized doors and roll from one room to the next.
9. Handheld Controller & Virtual Control Panel
The MDX-540's Handy Panel and Virtual Control Panel simplify both setup and operation. The hand-held control panel can be extended from the machine, allowing you to operate the MDX-540 from a safe distance. It has a jog dial for changing spindle speed and selecting options on the menu. The Virtual Control Panel lets you control the MDX-540 directly from your PC.
10. Reliable Performer
Roland's international ISO certification is your quality assurance. Like all Roland products, the MDX-540 was designed and manufactured at a state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facility. Roland builds all products at its advanced Digital Factory one at a time by a single assembler - just like a Rolls Royce. Attention to detail is given the highest priority.