By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation supplies PMA flexible conduits for technically demanding and special applications. The range covers more than thirty different conduit types for a variety of applications in cable protection. They come in a range of sizes from a diameter of 6mm to 125mmn, and from light weight to heavy duty.

The range includes:


  • PCL
    • Suitable for a variety of applications
    • Can be used in vehicle building industries
    • High weather resistant
    • Very flexible
  • CYL
    • Economy conduit for general machine building and installation industries
    • For use in low temperatures
    • High weather resistant
    • Very flexible
  • LLPA
    • Suitable for use in machine building, installation and construction industries.
    • For use in low temperatures and dry environments
    • Very flexible
    • Light wall

Easy Flex

  • CA
    • Produced from specifically modified polyamide
    • Self extinguishing and halogen, phosphor and cadmium free
    • High impact resistance and flexibility
    • Suitable for machine building and installation industries

Heavy Duty

  • VOH
    • High impact strength and pullout resistance
    • Meets US standards for conduit connections in machines and installations
    • Can be used for exterior machine and installation connections
    • Suitable for traction, vehicle and mining industries


  • PIS
    • Suitable for robotics and flexible tube movements in general machine building
    • Suitable for applications constantly exposed to intensive sunlight (UV).
  • LLPI
    • Specifically for robotic and automation industries
    • Very good fatigue strength in dynamic applications

Railway Applications

  • PCS
    • Extremely flexible and heavy duty
    • High resistance to weather and sunlight (UV)
    • Works well in low temperatures
    • Suitable for railway construction, especially for exterior applications and applications involving movements in extreme weather conditions
  • VCS
    • High impact resistance at low temperature
    • Heavy duty
    • Good weathering resistance
    • Used mostly for railway under vehicle undercarriages
    • Can be used for static applications in general construction of machinery or installations
  • VAML
    • Suitable for passenger areas of railway vehicles
    • Very good fire safety characteristics
    • Suitable for public buildings such as hospitals, hotels, airports, train stations, shopping centres, etc.

Installation clips

  • Universal clips AFN2
    • Easy push-in installation
    • It is pre-instlled in IP66 connectors
    • Fits any conduit profile (T & G)
    • Compatible with PMAFIX product range
  • Installation IP66
    • Clip pre-installed
  • Installation IP68GT
    • Pre-installed sealing cap and locking clip (for increased requirments)
  • Installation IP68 (IP69)
    • Newest in fitting technology to meet the highest international quality standards

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