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Sun Jan 20 2019

Nylon Pop Rivets

By NPA Pty Ltd

A new line of Nylon Pop Rivets is now available from NPA PTY LTD, South Australia. Nylon Pop Rivets offer an exciting alternative to standard aluminium or steel pop rivets, especially from an aesthetic viewpoint.

These rivets have a Nylon rivet body and a clear Polycarbonate mandrel, they are set in the same manner as metal pop rivets with a standard installation tool. Nylon Rivets offer protection from corrosion and electrical hazard, they provide good chemical resistance and are suitable for use underwater.

Twelve sizes are available with diameters ranging from 3.2mm to 5.6mm, the gripping range varies from 1.0mm to 11.5mm depending on type. Standard colours are Black and White, they can also be supplied in Beige and Grey to order, or for large quantities can be colour matched to suit the customers requirement.

For additional specifications, details, or samples contact our Sales Department on phone:

(08) 8268 2733, fax (08) 8268 1455 email: or visit our website: