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Keystone Battery, Coin cell holders & battery contacts

By NPA Pty Ltd

Keystone offer a large range of battery and coin cell holders & battery contacts for various mounting requirements.

Coin Cell Retainers are designed for memory back-up and stand-by applications, these contacts permit quick and easy coin cell replacement and installation. Eliminating "soldered-in" cells, computer, video, telecommunication and similar PCB based product users now have a reliable, "no tools required" method for changing batteries.

Coin Cell Holders have the following design advantages:-

  • Low profile for high density packaging
  • Reliable spring tension contacts assure low contact resistance
  • Retains battery securely to withstand shock and vibration
  • Rugged construction, light weight
  • Unique notched battery slot assures quick and easy battery insertion and replacement
  • Compatible with vacuum and mechanical pick & place systems
  • Base material UL rated 94V-0. Impervious to most industrial solvents
  • THM "air-flow" design pattern enhances air circulation around battery
  • SMT "flow-hole" solder tail design for increased solder joint strength.
  • Clearly marked polarities to help guard against improper insertion


  • Economical and reliable contacts are ideal for molded cases with self contained battery compartments
  • Single and dual contact designs available for "A", "AA", "AAA", "AAAA" & "N" size batteries
  • "Solder tab" design for either wire lead or PC mounting
  • Unique spring contacts adjust to variations in battery lengths
  • Reliable spring contacts assure low contact resistance and a dependable connection
  • Space saving, economical, excellent mechanical construction

For additional specifications and details, contact our Sales Department @ (08) 8268-2733, fax @ (08) 8268-1455, e-mail: info@npa.com.au or visit our website @ http://www.npa.com.au