Heyco-TITE Multi-Hole/Conductor Cord Grips

By NPA Pty Ltd

No Strain, Literally “No Sweat,”

With New Multi-Hole Cord Grips From Heyco
Heyco Products, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision, electrical conducting metal stampings, and injection moulded wire-protection products, has now expanded the Heyco-TITE family of liquid-tight, cord grips by adding multi-hole/conductor sealing glands.

New Product Introduction: Heyco-TITE - family of straight-through Multi-Hole/Conductor cord grips for multiple cables and wires in various electrical applications, including metric, NPT, and PC threads or Snap-in mounting in straight through configurations.

Product Applications: The Heyco-TITE family of Multi-Hole/Conductor cord grips provide strong, long-lasting, easy-to-apply liquid-tight, strain relief that connects flexible cables and cords of varying diameters for such things as industrial equipment, electrical motor housings, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical pumps and medical equipment

Product Description: Heyco-TITE Multi-Hole/Conductor liquid-tight cord grips are designed with tailored purpose internal glands, which accommodate multiple wires of various sizes in a single liquid-tight cord grip. These products include all of the features and benefits of our standard configuration Heyco-TITE family of cord grips, providing a dependable liquid tight seal and safe, secure routing of multiple cables. Strain relief provided is dependent upon the specific wire/cable used in each application - and UL Recognition is subject to specific conditions of acceptability.

Construction & Finishes: Heyco-TITE Multi-Hole/Conductor cord grips are moulded in Heyco's own state-of-the-art U.S. plant of high-impact Type 6/6 polyamide nylon with "Buna N" sealing glands, resistant to saltwater, weak acids, petrol, alcohol, oil, grease and most common solvents. Heyco-TITE Multi-Hole /Conductor cord grips are available in black or grey; white or custom colours may also be specified. All are UL recognized and have a flammability rating of 94V-2. 

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