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Sun Jan 20 2019

SC-1800 - Industrial Storage Cabinet 900 x 450 x 1800mm (T762)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse


An industrial storage cabinet made from reinforced sheet metal which is (L x W x H), 900 x 450 x 1800mm.

It has a 150kg Shelf Load Capacity and a 75kg Drawer Load Capacity.

Ideal for workshops and industrial applications, this cabinet will store just about anything.

With 4 shelves at an adjustable height with 150kg load capacity each, hinged doors and a 3-point key lock design, this cabinet is perfect for your industrial storage needs.

Drawer 1 is 100mm high with ball bearing slides, Drawer 2 is 200mm high with ball bearing slides and both have a 75kg load capacity.

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SC-1800 - Industrial Storage Cabinet

Weight (Nett): 94kg