Industrial Workbench

By Boscotek Industrial Storage
  • Industrial Workbench

BOSCOTEK™ Industrial Workbenches are designed to support high loads and accommodate heavy-duty applications. With a wide range of flexible accessory options, workbenches can be customised to the requirements of their specific application. Height adjustable legs and shelving units, ensure workstations meet the ergonomic requirements of each individual.

Modular Design                                                                                                    

The modular design of BOSCOTEK™ Industrial workbenches allows full integration with BOSCOTEK™ high density storage units. Single and two drawer storage accessories can be fitted to benches each incorporate high density drawers. Bench legs can be replaced with the BTCS.850.560 High density storage unit to provide a complete workplace storage solution.


Can provide an ideal work environment for people of varying sizes BOSCOTEK™ Industrial workbenches incorporate adjustable legs and shelves so that optimum ergonomic working position can be easily achieved.

High Load Capacity  

BOSCOTEK™ Industrial workbenches can support loads of up to 800kg (UDL), making them ideal for heavy duty industrial applications.


A range of versatile accessories are available to suit BOSCOTEK™ Industrial workbenches, these include adjustable shelves, drawer units, vices, non standard bench tops, castors, adjustable feel, power panels and monitor stands. For more information click on the accessories tab at the top of the page.