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Fri May 24 2019

TE200 Space Temperature Sensor

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

Veederline Pty. Ltd. - The TE200 space temperature sensor is available with a variety of options that can be configured to all makes of Building Control Systems. The TE500 is a precision current loop temperature transmitter featuring an optional three digit LCD indication of the temperature signal that is being sent to the control system. The LCD display is factory configured to display readings in either °C or °F. This transmitter is also available with set point adjustment and override push button. The transmitter provides a high accuracy signal with excellent long term stability, low hysteresis and fast response while being virtually immune to power supply noise and input voltage fluctuations. All models operate on a wide range of AC or DC power supplies.

Features of TE200 Space Temperature Sensor:

  • LCD indication for both current and voltage models
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit display
  • Thermistor or Precision RTD sensing element
  • Integral Zero and Span adjustments (TE500)
  • Custom logo application
  • Modular design allows several option configurations
  • NEW functional and attractive enclosure
  • Installer-friendly wiring access
  • Highest quality double-sided FR4 PCB’s