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Sun Feb 17 2019

On-Board Truck Scales For Air Suspension Trucks & Trailers

By AccuWeigh

Accuweigh’s Perth branch recently outfitted two Giacci Bros trucks and dog trailers with onboard truck scales for protection against axle overloading while hauling synthetic rutile from the Tiewest Chandala processing plant.

The PM Onboard truck scales use a unique air sensor principle for accurately measuring the load in air suspension systems on trucks and trailers. The Giacci trucks are also fitted with PM’s latest AW11 truck scales using wireless transmission modules that eliminate the need for running airlines or data cables the entire length of the truck and trailer.

The wireless hand held control of the AW2 truck scales displays the individual weight readings of each axle group of the truck and dog trailer to the driver while he is outside the cab supervising loading. Power to run the digital transmitters in these truck scales comes from the lighting circuit used when the loading lights are activated.

PM’s truck scales will be fitted to another four trucks and trailers when time is available in the very busy schedule of the Giacci Bros’ trucks.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states to ensure national clients can receive local, state based backup and support without incurring interstate travel charges.