GX Injection Moulding Machine range expanded | Krauss Maffei

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Krauss Maffei of Munich Germany, have added three new variants to the popular twin-platen GX Injection Moulding Machines series range with the new GXH, GXL and GXV multi component offerings.

The GXH stands for two or more injection units operating in parallel.

The GXL stands for lateral horizontal positioning of the second injection unit that allows for small and large shot weights.

The GXV has a vertical positioning of the second injection unit, which allows access to the main injection unit. The injection unit can be moved entirely out of the clamping unit area for the mould change to substantially improve accessibility.

The modular configuration of additional injection units makes specifying 3- or 4-color machines an easy option. All units are controlled centrally by the KraussMaffei MC6 control system.

The new GXH, GXL and GXV variants offer maximum flexibility for multi-component injection molding when combined with the SpinForm reversing plate technology or the new integrated turntable where a servo-electric drive unit ensures fast rotations, parallel movement and precise positioning.

.Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.