Stretch Blow Moulder for PET Bottles | NEW SFR EVO3

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

SIPA of Veneto, Italy, a global leader of PETStretch Blow Moulding Machines, have released the third generation SFR EVO³ machine which is now available in versions with 6, 8, 12 and 16 cavities with plans to release 10, 20 and 24 cavity models later in this year.

Special features of the EVO³ include new designs in the clamp unit including the cams that help achieve a maximum output rate of 2250 bottles per hour per cavity. A new compact blowing valve block has 35% less dead air volume and "green" ovens reduce electrical consumption by up to 40% while keeping process conditions stable, due to the use of new lamps and special materials and coatings for the reflectors.

Electrically driven stretching rods allowing fine tuning of stretch rod timing, speed, acceleration and distance via the HMI controller. With electric drives, there is no need for the stretch rod decelerator and the stretching cam, which further reduce product change-over times. The electric stretching system on the SFR EVO3 also has a 'smart' self-learning procedure to identify preform/bottle dimensions.

The new EVO³ machines take advantage of mechanical compensation in the blowing process. In traditional

pneumatic compensation, the total stroke is made with high pressure blowing air, but in SIPA's new mechanical system, high pressure blowing air is used only on the final fraction of a millimetre of the stroke. This leads to a significant reduction in air consumption, particularly with smaller bottles.

The SFR EVO³ can also be easily converted from production of hot-fill to cold-fill containers as the heating circuit (required for hot fill) remains in the shell holder whilst the cooling circuit is now built into the mould cavity. Only a cavity change is required to switch from production of one type of container to another and the shell holders remain in place.

SIPA are represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.