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Minimum Pit Blast Chambers

By Protoblast Company
  • Minimum Pit Blast Chambers
  • Minimum Pit Blast Chambers 2

In some cases a large pit is not practical. For these applications Protoblast can supply blast chambers similar to that shown, which is used to blast clean mining equipment.

The chamber has internal dimensions 9m long x 4.4m wide x 4.1m high, and the floor is 440mm above ground level. Two oscillating conveyor trays provide full recovery of the steel grit abrasive.

Another concept is demonstrated by the blast chamber shown below, which requires no pit. The chamber is used for the blast cleaning of rollers and other components in preparation for the rubber coating, and has internal dimensions 8.5m long x 3m wide x 2.4m high. Bi-fold doors along one side allow easy loading of large components.