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Wheelie Bin Tippers

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Wheelie Bin Tippers

Our bin lifters eliminate the danger of handling all sizes of mobile garbage bins (MGB’s) in the workplace.

They promote a happy, safe and healthy work environment necessary for long term production efficiency. They are mobile, easily attached and a breeze to use. Don’t break your back!

The MBL series electro-hydraulic bin lifter can empty bins, up to 150kg, with the push of a button. This tipper has a primary vertical lift & eliminates the risk of possible injury from swing arc tippers.

It is available in either a 12volt DC, with gel filled battery, 240volt AC or hand power hydraulic pump. The battery version is capable of 80 lifts per charge, has a lockable battery box, built in automatic battery charger, state of charge indicator & a battery isolator switch with removable key.

It is used where mains power supply cables may create havoc or be a safety hazard. There is an optional safety cage surround also available. It easily attaches to bulk bins, has a simple connection for wheelie bins & has a folded chute for product direction.