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Transportable Polyetheylene Bulk Bins

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Transportable Polyetheylene Bulk Bins

Dry or Liquid - No Problem.

The standard Bulk Bins have a one piece moulded polyethylene body which is housed in a painted finish steel frame.

For certain applications, hot dipped galvanised or epoxy finishes are also available. With a variety of capacities, ranging from 300 litres to 2800 litres and different cone angles, lid openings and valve systems, the Bulk Bins are acceptable to a wide range of industries.

The standard lid is a 450mm clamped manhole cover. The standard bottom opening for dry bins is a 200mm slide valve.

Typical products successfully handled include:

  • plastic granules
  • pasta products
  • noodles
  • powders
  • emulsions
  • confectionery
  • milk
  • vegetable oils
  • high viscosity fluids
  • cereals
  • fertilizers and pharmaceuticals

Not suitable for dangerous goods transport.