SL4/CD Enclosed Spill Bins

By R.J Cox Engineering
  • SL4/CD Enclosed Spill Bins

Enclosed Spill Bin offers a complete protection against damaging and costly chemical spills with the extra advantage of being enclosed front, back and sides.

This unit caters for up to 4 standard 205 litre steel drums with a lockable 180 degree swinging front door instead of the safety chain, for added security.

Close spacing support bars allow for large or small drums up to 2000kg SWL to be placed directly onto the Spill Bin. 

Baffled containment area allows the Spill Bin to be safely moved when full, minimising spillage. 

Empty the containment area, a single Drain Plug has been provided at the side of the Spill Bin.

All type SL Spill Bins come in a hot-dipped Galvanised finish.

All type SL Spill Bins have a spill capacity of at least 110% of the largest package in accordance with Australian Standards, being classified portable as units.