Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™

By Gates Australia

POLY CHAIN® GT CARBON - The Maintenance Free Alternative to Roller Chain Drives!

Polyurethane synchronous belt with carbon fibre cords.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon, Gates most powerful synchronous belt, has been designed for optimum performance on high torque, low and high speed drives in any industrial application. This lightweight belt features increased power ratings of up to 30% higher than previous constructions while maintaining the same long service life.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon belt construction is based on innovative state-of-the-art design. The body and teeth of the belt are made of a unique polyurethane compound, making the belt tough and virtually immune to abrasion and chemical attack.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon belts make an excellent alternative to roller chains, requiring neither re-tensioning nor lubrication.  Space-saving, weight-saving and money-saving, Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ drives offer a long and reliable service life.

The result is a belt drive system with power capacities that surpass those of standard roller chain drives in equivalent widths and pitch sizes. All this with a belt tough enough to take all the stop, start, shock loading, back bending and the backlash you can dish out!

Why Carbon?

In today’s high-performance driven world, parts that need to be incredibly strong and lightweight aren’t made of steel.  They’re made of premium-grade carbon fibre.

Gates is the first to apply these premium grade carbon fibres in a patented dynamic application, providing our Poly Chain® GT Carbon belts with exceptionally high power transmission capability, strength, flexibility and durability.

The evolution of Poly Chain® GT Carbon is a result of many years of product research and development coupled with extensive field testing, to birth the ultimate power transmission drive system and the ideal replacement for power transmission roller chain.

The Ideal Roller Chain Alternative!

  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Requires no lubrication
  • No stretch
  • 5% energy savings over V-belts
  • Outlasts roller chain up to 4-to-1
  • Sprockets outlast roller chain sprockets 10-to-1
  • Drive can be washed down
  • Inside and backside idlers can be used
  • Compact drive components provide versatility to drive designers – Over 120,000 possible drive combinations

Poly Chain® GT Carbon belts operate on Poly Chain® GT sprockets

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