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Wed Jun 26 2019

Thermoplastic Hose

By Gates Pty Ltd
  • Thermoplastic Hose

Gates Introduces the Next Generation
Crimpable Thermoplastic Hoses: TH7, TH8 and TH18

Crimping leak-proof couplings on thermoplastic hose has never been easier.

Introducing the next generation of crimpable thermoplastic hoses. All are available in conductive and non-conductive constructions.
Here’s how they can help you:

More Industrial Applications
Gates crimpable thermoplastic hoses cover more industrial applications and increase your sales opportunities. They handle petroleum, water-based fluids and synthetic hydraulic fluids. Applications include general hydraulic systems, hydraulic tools, mobile equipment and high-pressure pneumatic systems up to 500 psi. All are ideal for equipment such as power and telephone line cherry pickers, lubrication lines, blowout preventer control lines, hydraulic lifts, farm machinery and construction equipment.

Less Inventory Overhead
These high quality thermoplastic hoses are compatible with Gates MegaCrimp® couplings so there is no need to carry swaggers or swage inventories. This can reduce your inventory requirements and lower your costs. In addition, TH18 and TH18NC constant pressure hoses handle all working pressures up to 3,000 psi, further simplifying inventory management.

Crimping Efficiency
The patented Gates MegaCrimp coupling features a unique “C” insert that gives you a leak-proof seal that starts round and stays round. And Gates newest, state-of-the-art crimpers – the GC™32-XD and the GC™96 – can be used to make factory-quality assemblies quickly and easily.

For specifications and more information download the TH7, TH8, TH18 brochure.

For coupling information please visit:
Gates MegaCrimp Couplings