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Thu Jan 24 2019

M-XP™ Million-Impulse Cycle, Wire-Braid Hydraulic Hose

By Gates Pty Ltd

The 1,000,000 Cycle Original
Combining Wire-Braid Flexibility with Spiral-Wire Strength

Get all the toughness without the spiral-wire expense. Gates new M-XP™ hydraulic hose meshes the flexibility of wire-braid construction with the strength and performance of spiral-wire reinforcement.

Tested at 1,000,000 impulse cycles at 100°C to far exceed SAE standards, the two-braid hose can handle 4,000-psi high-impulse applications in all sizes. That makes it especially welcome in out-of-sight and hard-to-reach applications like boom arms and scissor lifts used in the mobile equipment and construction markets.

Its benefits don’t stop there. M-XP hose is engineered with one-half the SAE bend radius requirement, reducing hose length for greater flexibility and easier routing. Plus, it can be fitted with economical one-piece MegaCrimp® couplings rather than expensive spiral-wire fittings.

See what M-XP will do for your next hydraulic application.

Visit the Gates website for more information.