Industrial V-Belts

By Gates Pty Ltd

High-Tech Industrial V-Belt Drives

Gates is leading the way in belt construction technology. Its patented EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) construction for moulded-notch V-belts features a high-performance synthetic rubber compound known for exceptional ozone, heat and weather resistance.

Gates EPDM moulded-notch V-belts offer longer life at extreme temperatures, run smoother, resist stretch, reduce bending fatigue and can save you up to 3% on energy costs.

Struggling with frequent downtime?
One of Gates highest performing V-belts, Predator®, has equal or greater horsepower capacity than a standard V-belt in half the width and weight. Using a thinner belt like Predator allows for narrower pulleys, which can minimise overhung load, extend bearing life and drastically reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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