Automotive Belts and Hoses

By CBC Bearings

Micro V belts

For replacing belts on serpentine drives

and other V-ribbed applications


Green Stripe micro-V belts

Long wearing fibre-loaded stocks with greater load-carrying capacity designed for demanding, heavy-duty V ribbed belt applications.


XL V belts

Replacement belts for today's most demanding engine drives. Exclusive silencer variable notch design breaks up the harmonics so the XL belt runs quieter.


TR series Green Stripe belts

Specifically designed for heavy duty truck- duty truck, bus and off road equipment applications. Absorbs normal shock loads without damage to the belt.


Timing belts

Designed to handle a wide speed range and a constant, synchronous drive power requirement common to overhead camshafts applications. Meets or exceeds OEM performance requirements.


Charter heater hose

Economically priced heater hose - yet affords long service life. Tested by Gates to assure reliability.


Fuel hose

Multi purpose hose for use on fuel lines, PVC and EEC systems and for fuel return hose connections on diesel fuel injection systems. Approved for use with leaded and unleaded petrol blends of ethanol, methanol and ether ( up to the legal limits allowed by the EPA)


Air conditioning hose


Vacuum emission and brake hose


Auto transmission hose