AD 4825 Measurement & Control System

By A&D Weighing

The AD4825 is a Measurement & Control system rolled into the one compact package.

The AD4825 can display and control a maximum of eight (8) weighing vessels, each vessel can be connected to up to 30 ingredient bins.

Features of AD4825 Measurement & Control System:

  • Display: Colour 5.7" LCD Touch Panel, Waterproof to IP65
  • CPU board: CPU SH4, OS RT-Linux, SD RAM 64MB, Flash Memory 64MB
  • Accuracy: 8,000,000 Resolutions @ 4.66 nV/minimum per count
  • Update Speed: Selectable sampling rate from 6.25 t/sec up to 1920 t/sec
  • Standard interfaces: LAN (Ethernet 10Base-T), RS-232C/422/485, USB, RUN output
  • I/O board installation: 4 Available expansion slots (Load cell input, Analog I/O, Pulse input, Digital I/O, Relay output, Etc).
  • Power: AC85V-250V 50/60Hz approx. 30VA
  • Unit size: 192mm W x 144mm H x 191mm D