AD 4820 High Speed Controller

By A&D Weighing

The AD4820 is The Next Generation of high speed Measurement & Control.The AD4820 is a HMI, SCADA and PLC System all rolled into the one compact package.

Features of AD-4820 High Speed Controller:

  • Display: Colour 5.7" LCD Touch Panel, Waterproof to IP65
  • CPU board: CPU SH4, OS RT-Linux, SD RAM 64MB, Flash Memory 64MB
  • Accuracy: 8,000,000 Resolutions @ 4.66 nV/minimum per count
  • Update Speed: Selectable sampling rate from 6.25 t/sec up to 1920 t/sec
  • Standard interfaces: LAN (Ethernet 10Base-T), RS-232C/422/485, USB, RUN output
  • I/O board installation: 4 Available expansion slots (Load cell input, Analog I/O, Pulse input, Digital I/O, Relay output, Etc).
  • Power: AC85V-250V 50/60Hz approx. 30VA
  • Unit size: 192mm W x 144mm H x 191mm D

With the integrated development environment tool (MC Ladder), you can customize or build a screen display of your own design to track the status of your task. Merely by selecting the tools in MC Ladder, you can design the optimal display panel for easy to read operability, incorporating panel switches and meters, lamps or trend graphs.

Equipped with an STN color liquid crystal touch panel. Offering excellent visibility and operability with its 5.7 inch (320 x 240 dots) size, with a brightness life of around 75,000 hours (half life) it also provides sound durability. And, because it is waterproof (IP-65) it can also be washed clean by water.