S08 Curved Expandable Door

By The Australian Trellis Door Company Pty ltd

ATDC™’s curved stacking doors are suitable for securing curved or circular apertures such as curved counter tops, reception counters, restaurants, shop-fronts, shopping centre walkways, convention centres and venues, canteens, and office building entryways.

The S08™ curved stacking doors will secure curved counter tops and reception areas, shop fronts, eateries, dining areas and bay windows. There’s no need to compromise on design to maximise your security.

The S08™ curved stacking doors will fold away to 15% of its open size.
S08™ curved stacking doors are available in 2 standard exterior quality colours (Black Satin and Pearl White),  and Pearl White)

Featuring our seemless up/down key-turn shootbolt locking mechanisms which simultaneously lock into the floor and head track from a central cylinder point on the locking style.

Our Master Security Licence Number is 408031732. This is your assurance that all the work we do is compliant with industry standards, so you can feel confident that you are dealing with a company that has your safety and security at heart. Our Security Doors are world class and will give you peace of mind all year round.
We offer a full 12 month warranty on all S08™ Curved Security Screens that are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page

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