FC1 Folding Closure Doors

By The Australian Trellis Door Company Pty ltd

The Australian Trellis Door Co has one of the most space efficient Permashield folding closures on the market.

These cost-effective doors are constructed from aluminium making them lightweight yet stable and strong. Perfect for shopfront tenancies, reception areas and free standing kiosks in airports, shopping centres, hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels, clubs and banks,showroom and warehouse doors,windows and offices.Also can be used as a guard against dangerous machinery or even as partitioning
Manually operated the doors can be either single or biparting in operation
Polycarbonate: 3mm thick polycarbonate panels provide remarkable impact-resistance in a surprisingly light package reinforced with our nylon fixing profile.
Perforated Aluminium: 3mm thick aluminium sheeting which provides approximately 50% ventilation with 5mm diameter multi holes, reinforced with our nylon fixing profile.
Our overhead track system is used. Single and double trolley rollers fitted with ball bearings are used and glide in an overhead track 41mm high x 35mm wide aluminium extrusion. The fitted tracks may have a radius of no less than 600mm (wide panel) or 407mm (slim panel) to suit curved applications. For elliptical curves, a template must be provided by the customer.

FC1 – Wide panel, is 285mm width overall (262mm centre hinge to centre hinge). Approx 12kg/M2
FC1 – Slim panel, is 148mm width overall (128mm centre hinge to centre hinge). Approx 16kg/M2

Our Folding Closures can be manufactured to a maximum height of 4,500mm and can span ANY width opening. For minimum heights, please discuss with your local ATDC representative.

The leading posts will be provided with a lock and 2 key cylinders which can be operated from both sides. As a standard, the lock is supplied with a “builders key’. Special-purpose cylinders are available (at an extra cost) to facilitate master keying. The master keying is the responsibility of the purchaser or customer. Floor mounted sockets with spring loaded dust caps are included.

Our standard finish is matt natural anodized aluminium. Powder coating to standard Duralloy colours available (at an extra cost).
NOTE: Some special finishes may extend delivery period.


Preparation of openings to suit the FC1- Wide Panel or FC1- Slim Panel Folding Closures is by others. The overhead tracks will not be installed to non – structural supports. If required, provision of storage boxes, ceiling access panels and master – keying of locks are by others.

Egress doors for emergency exits compliant to BCA requirements, can be incorporated into any closed folding closure that has a minimum height of 2250mm, operable with interior thumb turn or single down action handle, please consult an ATDC Technician for more info and optional pricing.
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