RS3 Extruded Roller Shutter

By The Australian Trellis Door Company Pty ltd


RS3 Heavy duty commercial  Roller Shutters provide excellent security at night when your business is closed and by day they roll up into a slimline box so as to be totally invisible. These security roller shutters are for securing exposed glass and possible entry points away from public view.

The RS3  Roller Shutters have a double extruded walled profile for extra strength and they Wi comprise a curtain of interlocking heavy duty extruded marine grade aluminium slats forming a solid security barrier.
Your Window Roller Shutters roll totally from view when they are not needed, leaving your doorways and throughways unobstructed when you want them to be.
The shutters  can be controlled manually or electronically. An optional key locking mechanism provides even more resistance against attack.
Any span can be covered
Our Window Roller Shutters can cover distances of up to 4.0m
15 high gloss colours, to match your business
The  Roller Shutters (like every roller shutter we manufacture) are measured and cut to size by our professional team every time. This ensures the best fit and the most secure product.
We offer a full 12 month  warranty on all motors and aluminium slats used in the construction of your roller shutters as long as they are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page

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