RS9 Security Roller Grille

Barriers & Bollards

The RS9 Rolling Security Grille is your all-in-one security roller door solution: made up of an  all-aluminium high-security barrier, the system delivers top-notch security, maximum airflow and easy visibility control. It is ideal for securing shop fronts, arcades, shopping centres, car parks, counter tops, reception areas, and back-of-business locations like delivery docks and warehouse doors,factroy showrooms and glass doors and windows.

12.7mm Aluminium Tubing means Strength”
The Rolling Security Grille curtain is made of heavy duty 12.7mm aluminium tubing connected by tough extruded metal links and so combines the strength and durability of metal with a pleasing appearance.

The RS 9 Rolling Security Grille rolls up over-the-roll to give full access to your bar or counter top. The compact roll axle minimizes the roll diameter allowing for installations where headroom is limited.

The RS 9 Security Grille can be controlled manually with assistance from torsion springs, or electrically. With an electric motor operation up or down is as simple as flicking a switch. The motors are tubular and so are fitted inside the axle, reducing the roll diameter.

The aluminium links of this security roller door are available in a clear, anodized finish. The same finish is applied for the side guides and bottom rail although they may also be powdercoated in any of 15 colours from the Dulux PowderCoat range.

Every span is a different height and width, so your Rolling Security Grilles are measured and cut to size by our professional tradesmen every time. This ensures the best fit and the most secure product.
The Australian Trellis Door Company™ is Properly Licensed

We offer a full 12 month warranty on all motors and aluminium components used in the construction of your Rolling Security Grilles as long as they are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page

The RS9 Rolling Security Grille delivers both impressive strength and visual appeal.

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