S04-1 DD Double Diamond Barrier

By The Australian Trellis Door Company Pty ltd

The double diamond safety barriers are unique in that the pitch between the metal cross linkages is very tightly woven to prevent people from putting their hands through to reach goods, products or merchandise which are being secured behind the door.

Items such as jewellery, cosmetics, mobile phones, duty free electronic goods, and bottles of alcohol cannot be passed through the double diamond door mesh.

The double diamond safety barriers can also be used in a work or office situation to secure office equipment and consumables from staff, thus assisting in loss prevention/inventory control.

Ideal as a safety tool to guard machinery in a warehouse or factory situation with the added benefit that this system has satisfied the no climbing provisions of the current Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings.

Available finishes include galvanized and powdercoated black satin or pearl white
Emergency lever can only be accessed from the internal side of the safety barriers
Easily folds back out of the way when not in use
Special egress locking facility available which is BCA compliant in certain circumstances




The S04-1™ has a fully documented and independently audited OH+S Risk Assessment

Also available as a mobile trackless trackless barrier for temporary security and access control
The double diamond mobile trackless safety barriers comply with AS4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding

Standard heights are 2,000mm or 2,500mm, customised heights available
12 month warranty is applicable to this product.





Standard heights are 2,000mm or 2500mm

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