S04-1 Mobile trackless barrier

By The Australian Trellis Door Company Pty ltd

The S04-1™ trackless barrier  is completely trackless and mobile, which means it is a multi-purpose system.Ideal  for securing after-hours or restricted access to areas in shopping centres, kiosks, pop-up shops, mall walkways, shop fronts, temporary tenancies, sports arenas, showrooms, factories and loading docks and other high-traffic public buildings including airports, railway stations, construction areas, OH&S work safe areas. It’s perfect for periodic maintenance jobs, night-time crowd control, loss prevention and after-hours security.

The barrier  operates on a series of steel reinforced trolleys & can be completely mobile, so you can secure any area of your business.
It  can span any width and can be made to a maximum height of 2.5 metres.
The mobile barrier is ideal for securing warhouse and factory loading docks during trading hours when the dock shutter is open and it is also ideal to secure  isolated machines in your factory.Or even simply as an access control device or loss prevention tool.
It can be  wheeled away and stored almost anywhere.
Shootbolt locking to the floor at the base of each trolley provides extra stability and security or it can also lock on to a wall bracket
The  S04-1™ trackless barriers  are available in 2 standard exterior quality colours (Black Satin and Pearl White),
ATDC  offer a 12 month warranty on all S04-1™ security barriers (refer Warranty page for more information)

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