Z4 DataTraq


Z4 DataTraq 2 in 1 Portable Barcode Reader

The Z4 DataTraq™ is an exceptionally VERSATILE 2 in 1 product, working as both Portable and Fixed Barcode Reader (saving you buying two products) and is designed to work with the Barcode Zapper™.

The DataTraq works immediately, straight out of the box and without programming, but includes the ASP BASIC language so programs from ASP's Web Site can be loaded, or custom applications written.

It has a clear 2 line LCD display, and a robust sealed keypad with easy to use large buttons. As standard it comes with 32K RAM, USB Homebase/recharger, Plug Pack and Manual. Options available include memory expansion to 128K, or 512K, Clock/Calendar, Leather Case, and firmware extensions for easy integration of modems.

ASP's low cost Programmer's Pack is required only if you wish to write your own programs. Otherwise ASP's free or custom programs come with an inbuilt "loader" making their transfer into the memory of the DataTraq very straightforward.

When the DataTraq is used as a fixed barcode reader attached to its HomeBase it is automatically recharged ready for portable use at any time. The ability to use as a fixed reader is also of great value in promoting familiarity with the unit in either fixed or portable roles.

The Z4 DataTraq can be ordered already loaded with software for use with HP Trim, ready to run out of the box.


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